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Diameter (mm)
Circumference (mm))

- Notes -

* denotes a size that is greater than the size indicated but smaller than the next increment. e.g. Size L1/2 Australian falls between sizes 10 & 11 Japanese.

US Ring Sizes: the millimetric values assigned by the ring size converter are based on the featured British/Australian ring size. These values are not exact in terms of the assigned US ring size, which has been converted to the most appropriate quarter size.

German Ring Sizes: based on the ring's diameter in millimetres. Quarter sizes represent 0.25 millimetre increments.

French Ring Sizes: based on the ring's circumference in millimetres. Quarter sizes represent 0.25 millimetre increments.

Japanese Ring sizes: size "1" represents a diameter of 13mm. Increments are 0.333 milimetres.

All care has been taken in the creation of the ring size converter. However, due to inconsistencies between various ring size systems, an exact conversion is not always possible. AJTD will not be held responsible in any way for inaccuracies which may result from the use of the converter.


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